Tactical Marketing

Strategy is all about the big picture of where you want to get to i.e. your strategic objectives. Tactics are the tasks you need to do to actually get there. Atradia is a business that prides itself on a pragmatic and practical approach to getting things done and that approach is based on many successful years as sales and marketing practitioners followed by several years more recently as trusted consultants.

Atradia offers our clients real and functional help in several areas:

Product/Service development, design and packaging

We have a deep understanding of the underlying market we operate in, we understand the workings of the institutional financial markets and we know the technologies deployed in those markets. As such we can provide invaluable advice and/or functional support to clients wrestling with the task of creating and building a product that truly meets the requirements of the market, balanced with the inevitable constraints of budgets and cost discipline.

Pricing and overall commercial models

A critical and often neglected part of the marketing mix – pricing and the structure of pricing is an area that Atradia thrives on. We have a great intellectual interest in the mathematics, economics and psychology of pricing. We believe that pricing is one of the most powerful and flexible tools that our clients have at their disposal and we are enthusiastic and innovative in our approach to this complex and beguiling element of marketing.

Communications (Marcomms)

To many marcomms is the very heart and soul of marketing. Whatever your view there is no point in having the absolute best product on the face of the planet priced in the most inventive and enticing manner if no one out there knows about it. In the most simplistic of terms this is about telling people about your product/service. It is possible to get both philosophical and technical about marketing communications , but whether you are a proponent of AIDA or DAGMAR and whether you know your ‘above the line’ from your ‘below the line’ – Atradia can help. We can help in defining what you want to say about your offerings, we can help you identify and describe who you want to tell and we can help you choose and implement the best way of telling them. On top of all that we can help you work out how many of them heard what you said and very importantly did they understand what you said, we can even go so far as identifying if all of this caused them to actually do something e.g. go out and buy your offerings.

Tactical Marketing