Sales / Representation Services

Sales is an art and a science, it requires a subtle combination of the art of conversation with a scientifically rigorous approach to planning. It involves making key choices about which organizations to approach and which person or persons within those organizations should be talked to. Selling involves the deployment of charm and warmth to engage with a prospect combined with a clinically precise method of guiding a conversation to a successful conclusion. Atradia has many years of seasoned selling skills at its disposal either from within our organisation or through the selective use of trusted associates.

While it is possible for an organization to outsource its sales efforts to a third party like Atradia, sales is so much at the heart of what an organization does that such outsourcing should only be considered for very specific circumstances.

Researching prospects and qualifying:

An outsourced sales resource could be of use in the earliest stages of the sales process, including situations which should almost be seen as research - where the work involves seeking out potential prospects and qualifying those prospects by asking a series of pertinent and highly structured questions. Atradia has the ability to design and structure a process that would enable our clients to identify prospects with a greater degree of certainty about their relevance and longer term revenue potential.

Representative services for overseas or smaller clients:

A more common requirement for assistance from Atradia comes from our clients who are not based in major centres like London and/or New York. Clients, who wish to market their services in Europe, North America or Asia, but who are located far away from these regions. Such clients can make use Atradia’s representative services to establish an early penetration of what are to them remote markets without having to go to the trouble of setting up a local office or having to recruit local staff.

Atradia is a UK based operation and as such has excellent potential to address the markets in London and also key continental European centres such as Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, and Madrid etc. Our excellent network of contacts globally also enable us to offer a similar approach in North America and/or Asia Pacific. Over and above these services for overseas clients Atradia can also provide crucial sales representation for smaller more specialised organisations who might not, at this stage in their development, have the scale to conduct the sales campaigns they desire.

Sales / Representation Services