Procurement is the flip side of the coin that has sales and marketing on its other side. In a vastly over simplified sense it is about acquiring the right goods of the right quality and functionality at the best possible price (or total cost of ownership), from the right/best source at the right time under the best possible overall contractual terms and conditions. To this end the procurement process entails a number of stages; Atradia can provide support and assistance in each of these stages:

Needs assessment and gap/surplus analysis

This stage involves detailed study of the needs of your organisation as a group or at departmental and even individual levels. To extract such needs requires a subtle combination of empathy, industry knowledge, intelligence/intellect, attention to detail and a certain amount of dogged persistence. The subsequent gap or surplus analysis is about assessing how currently deployed products and services either fall short of the identified needs or in some cases indicate over supply. In either scenario an alternative should be sought out; of course it is possible that an optimal solution is already deployed. Atradia is well qualified to carry out or assist with such research and analysis.

Alternative supplier identification and selection

If needs and gaps/surpluses are comprehensively understood then a search of the supplier market could be conducted to identify alternative and ideally more suitable products and services to meet your organisation’s identified and articulated needs. A search of this type requires a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the supplier market and the associated range of products and services. Atradia and its associates have a deep knowledge of this supplier market and have the experience and ability to research and analyse the alternatives that are available and appropriate.


This is almost a subject in its own right – negotiating the best deal for your organisation is a critical stage in the procurement process. This function requires an understanding of psychology, economics and law, all coupled with an extensive appreciation of the prevailing commercial climate - in terms of the competitive dynamics between suppliers and the types of deals struck with peers in the industry. Atradia is well positioned to provide insight and assistance on all these fronts.