Research & Analysis

Research and analysis are two distinct but inextricably linked activities. Research is all about finding out what is going on out there, it is fact based and often includes significant numeric data. Analysis is the process that follows the acquisition and collation of disparate facts; analysis is the intellectual process of inferring meaning, identifying patterns and realizing consequences from the clutter of facts that have been retrieved through research. Atradia is perfectly able to provide pure research services to our clients but we believe the value we offer is multiplied several fold when we apply our hard won experience to making some sort of sense of the facts that have be gathered.

Research options from Atradia:

“Desk based” or “Secondary” research

This is often the starting point or the basis for an overall research project. Atradia has extensive experience in finding data from a myriad of sources in the public domain. It is sometimes surprising how much information is readily available if one knows where to look or simply if one can take the time to look. This type of research is by its nature time consuming and occasionally mundane and thus it requires a very structured and diligent approach . A key to success in such desk based research is the ability to collate and combine data from a variety of sources all structured in different ways an ability Atradia has demonstrated on numerous occasions.

Primary Research

When we need information that is not available to us from a source in the public domain then we have to seek out contact with the primary source of that information. Atradia has built up an array of skills, techniques and approaches which enable us to seek out both qualitative and quantitative data from a target group and present that data back to our clients in a meaningful, digestible and understandable form. Over and above the classic skills of any good market researcher Atradia prides itself on having a very comprehensive set of contacts within the industry which enables us to establish contacts quickly and effectively. Atradia’s success is heavily based on our philosophy which involves reciprocating with our research respondents. If a respondent gains some insight and knowledge from a conversation with us as researchers they are far more likely to be open in the conversation and also they are likely to willing to talk again. We believe that research should be in the form of a conversation not an interrogation. Our primary research can follow a number of forms:

  • On line eSurverys – using the very latest in electronic survey techniques
  • Telephone interviews – scripted or free format conversations with remote respondents
  • Face to face meetings – more expensive and more time consuming but often the most productive
  • Focus Groups – requiring astute moderating but offering an very productive catalytic effect

Atradia prides itself on its integrity and straight forward approach to business. Market Research can be a disingenuous way of getting information if misrepresented to a research respondent. Selling under the guise of research (sugging) is something we go to great lengths to avoid as this implies some kind of deception. However, in a professional B2B context we believe it is quite reasonable to use the results of research in the context of sales prospecting, but only if the respondent is fully aware of that potential. In some cases research needs to be carried out in an anonymous context and in such cases the rights and privacy of respondents must be rigorously defended.

Research & Analysis